Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spring Victorian

Preparing for the shoot...

HAIR & MAKE UP STYLIST Gabriella Starbuck
MODEL Caroline Bruzuszek

Spring has always been one of my favorite times of year, when flowers and plants begin to grow again, and we can all shed our winter coats. Here in New York, it's January and still freezing. While I wait for the warmth to return, there are still some comforts in my home that give me a tropical fix in the dead of winter: my house plants.

For the Victorians, indoor gardens were the epitome of decorative art - they displayed in living form one's taste and culture. Plants weren't the only way those Victorians showed their refinement: their clothes were utterly elegant, too. Their attention to detail and their fascination with the occult led to some very dramatic ideas and styles. Here's a look I've put together for Spring - my modern take on the Victorians.

Plants are fabulous in a home. They can add a splash of color to a room, give you something attractive to rest your eyes on, add humidity to dry air, and filter the indoor pollution from your home. Keeping some plants alive can require work. But most of the time, indoor plants just need a little careful attention to stay healthy. I've found the best way to avoid disaster is to cultivate the right kind of plants. For most people, low maintenance plants are the best solution. While my sister makes growing orchids in her bedroom look easy, I prefer simple-to-care-for large green foliage. Ultimately, the plants you choose for your indoor garden should express your eye for composition, balance, and decor.
Readers, please send in your plant tips, especially for caring for the exotics.

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