Sunday, January 27, 2008

Deco Nouveau: Recycling Fashion

Styling Caroline for the shoot.

HAIR & MAKE UP STYLIST Gabriella Starbuck
MODEL Caroline Bruzuszek

The Art Deco period was one of those sparkling moments in design history when form was created to be timelessly elegant. The marriage of Nature and Geometry gave Deco fluidity, structure and balance, creating a sense of Modernity and Luxury that was unmatched. Here is a vignette I've put together with a hand-me-down dress, grandmother's home made quilt, and my home-craft feathered head dress to illustrate an eclectic take on Deco.

One of the nicest points of reinventing Deco is that you can gather almost any item that is minimal in style and apply surface treatments such as geometric shapes, patterns, mirrors or lacquer to invoke Deco's sense of glamor and luxury. Because of its minimal attributes, this is still a style that can be easily obtained with a little-home made arts and crafts.

Readers, please give us your tips on how you recreate the Deco aesthetic in your lives.
Happy Deco-rating!

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