Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good Morning, Tomorrow!

"Eliza Red/Blue" photo by John Michaels

Hello All,

I'm very excited to be starting this blog. Although my thoughts are continuously rattling around my head, I will do my best here to hone them in the hope that I make some kind of sense. I wish to offer my friends and readers quick studies of culture, fashion, and decor, which are ever linked with social consciousness in my heart.

"Stop" photo by John Michaels

In a time when ordinary consumption is tearing the planet apart, maybe our best foot forward will be one that can nimbly navigate our frighteningly unknown future. Armed with hearts of gold and an understanding that solutions may change as quickly as the climate, we hope to have some positive effects. But can my winding, vague, run-on sentences even make a mark in such a climate? My husband regularly tells me that my rhetoric makes no proper sense. I'll admit that I wield the English language as if it weren't my own, but I hope that the readers can make me out anyway. Readers, please let me know your opinions and what you make of my scratch. I will take it all with a grain of salt and post all comments that keep this a friendly forum for open minds to meet.

"Boxer" photo by John Michaels

To begin, I present to you my new favorite photographer, John Michaels, He is a man who can photograph even the most insignificant-looking subject and turn it into something meaningful. He approaches his subjects honestly, and in doing so he points out that everything in life can be beautiful when looking through an open lens.

Best wishes,


ann said...

Looks great! Congratulations! Here's to a great beginning.

Anonymous said...

Wait, are you saying that i could look like a Victorian Mata Hari with a deco crown for close to nothing?! I am in, unless it's Eliza's long legs or the superb photography that is doing the any case, after reading this, I feel that i have been cheating on myself, by not trying to be individual by means of my imagination and creativity, and instead paying a lot of money to feel and be perceived like everyone else! I am very inspired and won't waist any more time. Thank you Eliza for your courage to see beyond the expected and for the magic wand that justly turns the ordinary and frowned upon into treasures. You are a true 21st century lady.