Sunday, December 12, 2010

Head Wraps & Turbans for Self Expression

PHOTOGRAPHER Victor Gutierrez
MODEL Bella LaGosi

The head wrap is a perfect way to spruce up any outfit, and poses as an excellent opportunity to express your personal beliefs and style. I tend to use silk scarves for my head wraps, but cotton is used around the world because it stays put much better. If you aren't sure what your head-wrap style is, there are several places that you could look to when drawing your inspiration:

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You could go theatrical: Carmen Miranda was quite the character! In her films, she expressed herself with wild eye rolling, dancing and grand gestures, all the while singing. But what she ended up being most famous for was her elaborately embellished head wraps and particularly the fruit covered head dresses. Her brash head wear illustrated her sense of humor and her taste for theatrics. You have to admit, if you saw all that walking down the street, you'd definitely have to give it a strong stare if not a double take. Woo-woo!


Today, people are still donning head wraps and turbans. Though maybe not always quite as wildly as Carmen's, they still seem to have the ability to draw attention, either politically or aesthetically. No one can resist the allure of a woman in a head wrap. 

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Or you could look to some of the world's cultural heritage. Men and women of African decent are currently paving the path for the modern head wrap in America. They associate it with their rich cultural background; often wrapping their heads, in traditional African prints and following wrapping styles that have been used in Africa for hundreds if not thousands of years. Modern women take great pride in their head wraps and often get quite creative with the styling and prints that they use, to show off their cultural flair.

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If spiritual is your quest, then a turban might be a good way to describe it. Should you find yourself more inclined to attach your head, as well as your head gear, to spiritual matters,  you could look to the Middle Eastern tribal cultures, and religions for your turban  styling design. There are thousands of tribes, each with their own style of turban wrapping to express their heritage, religious beliefs, social status, and even their territory. You might consider creating your own while coming up with a head wrap that suits you.


Whether you're wearing a head wrap to create and feel connected to your cultural and spiritual heritage or to dress up a blasé outfit, you will surely be making a strong statement. The more you embellish, work with pattern or color, or create an original wrapping style, the more you express yourself to others. Most importantly, it will tell people that you have a sense of self and that you take pride in showing it. What more could anyone want from an accessory?

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